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Regrettably, I am unable to accept email from residents outside of the Central and South Coast region. Please enter your zip code below to verify your residency and go to the next step. To look up your Member of Congress, please visit here:


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Correspondence has the greatest impact when it is:

  • In an easy to read format, with a clear purpose stated in the first paragraph.
  • Regarding a single issue, not a group of unrelated issues.
  • Not attempting to begin a dialogue, which is better conducted on the phone or in person.

Why I do not have a regular email address:

This email system was designed to improve communications between constituents and their representatives:

  • Allows constituents to find their Member of Congress through the House of Representatives' website simply by filling in their Zip Code.
  • Allows each Member of Congress to better serve his or her own constituents.
  • Reduces the heavy burden placed on the House mail servers by the high volume of emails sent to Congressional offices every day -- over 15 million emails per month.

If you have any difficulties, please phone (202) 225-3601 or report a website problem.