Federal Benefits for Veterans, Dependents and Survivors

Jun 30, 2011 Issues: Veterans

Dear Friends,

I wanted to make sure you saw the newest edition of the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Federal Benefits Guide for Veterans, Dependents and Survivors. This guide serves as an overview of all the benefits that Veterans, their dependents and survivors may be eligible for. The 2011 version also contains any changes in these benefits in the past year.

An electronic version of the guide can be found here: http://www.va.gov/opa/publications/benefits_book.asp

Our men and women in uniform provide selfless and important service to our nation. Their families also make sacrifices in the name of freedom and security. As a Member of Congress, I have and will continue to work diligently to ensure that we do all we can to support our military men and women—and their families—while they serve and once they return home.

Additionally, one of my top priorities is to help make sure the federal government's agencies are accessible and responsive to the needs and concerns of my constituents. If you need any assistance accessing the services in the guide, please contact whichever district office is closest to you:

  • San Luis Obispo: (805) 546-8348
  • Santa Barbara: (805) 730-1710
  • Port Hueneme: (805) 985-6807

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